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Redmond Select Boys Basketball Memory Mates, Individual...
2015-2016 Tournament Schedule
Redmond Select 2015-2016 Tournament Schedule Below are the tournaments...

Redmond Select Boys Basketball

Memory Mates, Individual and Game photos are ready for ordering


Please view and order from Marc La Pierre’s website:



All Players that were at photo day have a folder under their name

·      Click the memory mate and individual pictures appear. 


Images can be ordered as prints or digital downloads. Prices are displayed once you select an image and choose Buy Digital or Buy Print. 

Digital Download: gives you permission to reproduce and print images as you desire and avoids shipping fees

Buy Print: All images are scaled to the most commonly ordered print sizes. If you are interested in a different size for any image or a custom image created, call or email Marc directly or place a request on the site.   


If at any time you have a problem, please reach out to Marc La Pierre at 206-715-9612 or marc_la_pierre@hotmail.com. 


Specific teams can be located quicker using the following links

4th http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/4th-grade-etl


5th http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/5thgradeetl


6th ETL http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/6th-grade-etl


6th Peaks http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/6th-grade-peak


7th Peaks http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/7th-grade-peak


7th ETL http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/7th-grade-etl


8th ETL http://marclapierre.photodeck.com/-/galleries/portfolio/sports/basketball/redmond-select/boys/2015-2016/8th-grade-etl


If you want a custom collage/poster on can be created, prices range from $40.00 to $100.00 depending on size, material (Vinyl, Canvas, or Metal) and number of shots. See a sample at:




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  • PRACTICE MONDAY - FEBRUARY 1ST - This is a RSBB AND RHS PLAYERS COMBINED PRACTICE & PIZZA FEED:  RHS Head Coach Todd Rubin has invited ALL RSBB players to his HS practice this MONDAY, this is a mandatory team practice and he expects all players to attend.  All coaches are welcome to attend also but the practice will be run by Coach Rubin and his players. RSBB players should expect to arrive at 5:45pm to watch 20 minutes of the HS practice, then they will join in and practice with the HS players until around 7-7:15pm.  Post practice, around 7pm, the RSBB board will be providing a PIZZA feed in the HS cafeteria for all RSBB & RHS players.


  • GAME SCHEDULES for FEBRUARY - please always look to your team page on the RSBB website for the most accurate league game schedule.  All games will be current on this site.  As the last month of the season begins there will be MANY changes possible for the ETL teams (added games, edited times/locations, opponent changes, weekday games instead of practices, etc.).The PEAK schedule may also change and would be updated by coaches on the RSBB site. All coaches and RSBB board will be sure to keep the RSBB site updated with the most current schedule  (ie: the ETL posted schedule does NOT get updated).  Always email your coach if you are unsure of game time & location.


  • END OF SEASON LEAGUE TOURNAMENTS - please be prepared to play the end of season tournaments for the ETL and PEAK leagues, if you are unable to play - notify your coaches ASAP: 

            February 27-28: ETL End of Season Tournament

            March 5-6: ETL vs WESCO tournament - Top 3 teams from ETL Gold Tourney advance to play

            March 5-6: PEAK End of Season Tournament




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2015-2016 Tournament Schedule

Redmond Select 2015-2016 Tournament Schedule

Below are the tournaments that the Redmond Select teams will be participating in this season.


  • November 6-8: Woodinville Falcon Classic
  • November 13-15: CPC Fall Classic
  • November 20-22: Mt. Si Wildcat Shootout



  • January 16-18: MLK Tournament
  • February 27-28: ETL End of Season Tournament
  • March 5-6: ETL vs WESCO tournament - Top 3 teams of ETL Gold Tourney advance to play
  • March 5-6: PEAK End of Season Tournament


All teams will be given the opportunity to enter the tournaments listed above. Confirmation of tournament entry will be subject to coach and player availability. Alternate tournament may be deemed appropriate based on tournament divisions/levels available.


Tournament Communications - Starting the Monday prior to each tournament:

  • Mon: Tournament waiver form sent to Coaches/team admin for parent signatures (during practice that week)
  • Tues-Wed: Tournament schedules become available (emailed to coaches/team admin to forward to parents)
  • ThursSigned tournament waiver forms delivered to coach for 1st game of the tournament (Team admin should be coordinating these signatures before/after practice during the week)
  • Thurs-Fri: Anticipate schedule changes from tournament director. These will be passed along to coaches/team admin (responsibility of team admin to scan for changes and communicate to parents).
  • Saturday Night: For some tournaments, tournament director will communicate by email bracket play schedules for Sunday. These will be passed along to coaches/team admin, and should be a fast pass to parents (unless tourney is posted on a website to obtain schedules)


Go Mustangs!

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